Finn dinghy

“The Finn-dinghy is a hooligan boat sailed by gentlemen,” says Jens Kristian Andersen, chairman of Danish Finn Sailing Club. He told us why we should be looking forward to seeing Finn sailing in the world cup in Aarhus this August. In other words, the relatively heavy single-hand dinghy is physically and mentally demanding to sail...
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Oslo to Tromsø on a sailboat

The rugged mountainous coast, deep fjords and numerous small islands, rocks above and below water making navigation a true challenge – this is something you can expect when sailing the west coast of Norway. It’s a truly terrific landscape as well as invaluable sailing experience. The experience that a sailor – Tobias Ekstrand – has just...
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Sailing trip to Svalbard

The Svalbard Islands are located in the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole. It’s a land of dramatic snow-drowned peaks and glaciers as well as unique wildlife. Helene Folmo Hafnor had a chance to experience this untouched beauty while having her summer vacation sailing together with her boyfriend. Hope you’ll enjoy the...
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The Sail Britain story – sailing, art, and ocean research

Two years ago a 32 years old architect Oliver Beardon left his job to start a unique interdisciplinary sailing project – Sail Britain. Today this project is successfully exploring the British coastline through research, the creative arts and engagement with communities. It helps people reconnect with maritime culture, identity as well as better appreciate the beauty and...
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Bornholm and back

2017 has been our best summer yet! Despite everyone we know, says the opposite. The weather has been bad, it has been too cold, too windy etc. Yes, it has been cold, it has been windy - but this summer we sailed to Bornholm - and it was fantastic!
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