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4 ways your yacht club can benefit from a yacht club management software

Do you want to spend more quality time with your members? Check out the 4 ways your yacht club can benefit from yacht club management software.

1. Save thousands of hours on administrative tasks

To begin with, yacht club software could be saving you thousands of hours on various repetitive administrative tasks. To name just a few, accounting, invoicing, berth/slip administration (both for club members and marina guests), payment collection and more – all can be digitalized and automated. As a result, you could be spending quality time with your members instead of doing data entry and dealing with tedious admin day-to-day duties.

What is more, you can take the entire experience to the next level if your chosen software integrates with existing systems at your club. This could be your accounting software, power pedestals, access control and others. Our HarbaMaster marina and yacht club management software does exactly that.

2. Get a better overview and control over your membership data

Some yacht club software providers allow your members to log in to their user area. From there, they can manage their personal information as well as upload insurance papers. This makes it easy to keep all the membership data up-to-date. Club operations managers can upload contracts and other important member data directly to the system too. The data is then linked to a certain member.

Most of the yacht clubs need to get their terms of service approved by each of their members. The club management software automates this process and lets boaters review and approve the terms themselves. You can see who approved and who didn’t in the system.

HarbaMaster yacht club management software


3. Improve communication with your club community

Messaging function (if available) allows you to communicate with various groups of people at your marina or yacht club. With your members, you can talk about membership events. Customers on a specific dock can get messages about repairs. You can also warn boats in the water about an incoming storm.

In addition to this, there is a possibility to increase your income too. Let your members or marina guests know about special offers, discounts or any other additional services (e.g. repair, diesel, etc.) you provide.

Finally, the messaging function can help you keep your yacht club members up-to-date. You can inform them about the most recent Covid-19 requirements or any other important changes. You may learn more about how one of our customers is managing his marina and yacht club using HarbaMaster marina and yacht club management software.


4. Contribute to a healthier environment

Last but not least, using yacht club software contributes to a healthier environment. Digitalizing some of your administrative tasks (e.g. invoicing, collecting insurance papers, etc.) significantly reduces the amount of manual labour/paperwork at your club. The software can also empower you to easily communicate eco-friendly practices to your club members and guests.

Finally, it lets you work more efficiently resulting in spare resources for environmental initiatives. We do hope this is amongst the top priorities for your club for 2021 and beyond!



To sum up, more and more forward-thinking yacht clubs are turning into various smart digital solutions. They are looking for ways to save time, optimize resources and improve the member experience. Yacht club management software is one of the solutions you could consider. It can help you to reach the above goals and make your club management process as easy as a breeze!


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