Sailboat at the Baltic Sea

6 reasons why we love to sail

Curious why people love sailing? Here are the 6 main reasons why our Harba team loves sailing. If you are still hesitating to embark on your first sailing adventure, hope we will inspire and encourage you to finally do so.

1. Tradition

Sailing is thousands of years old and we continue this long-lasting, intriguing and at the same time dangerous tradition! Throughout history sailing has helped various civilizations to develop and prosper as people sailed accross oceans to settle in new undiscovered areas. Each time we set a sail it’s as if you could feel the same excitement, uncertainty and craving for adventure as it used to be thousands of years ago. In a way sailing is like a bridge connecting us with times long lost.

2. The sense of pride and achievement

Each time you go sailing, there is a great amount of preparation to be done. Your boat needs constant care and maintenance, you need to make sure that you bought all the necessary supplies and that everything is at the right place and functioning. When you are done with all these preparations and finally set a sail leaving the marina, it gives you a sense of pride and achievement as well as the anticipation of awaiting advanture. We love this feeling!

3. Socialize

In our opinion, sailors are one of the best company you can have. It’s an amazing feeling to enjoy a couple of beers or simply a cup of coffee with fellow sailors exchanging sailing stories and sharing experiences. Even in forums and Facebook groups, we find that sailors are the most helpful, funny and social people that are always up for a good joke or a short chat.

4. Solitude

On the other hand, sailing is also a great way to spend some time alone. Leave the noise, confusion, and stress of the daily world behind for a few days, weeks or even months and experience the freedom of solitude. These moments of pure solitude and blending with nature is one of the most important of all the 6 reasons why we love to sail.

5. Thousands of places to discover… and more

You know exactly what we’re talking about right? There are countless numbers of stunning sailing destinations: the islands and coasts in Scandinavia, or the sunny Mediterranean sea, the Maldives, the Caribbean… The list is endless! You can never run out of places 😉

6. Always a new adventure

We all know that no sailing tour is like the other. You discover, feel, see and experience something new everytime you set your sails and every trip is unique and like no other. The weather, the waves, the wind, everything changes and brings you new memories. How can someone ever get tired of sailing?

What do you love the most about sailing? Let us know in the comments below how you liked our 6 reasons why we love to sail as well as share yours!


P.S. to make sailing experience even more enjoyable, we have created HarbaApp – a free mobile app for boaters that lets you book and pay for your berth or mooring as well as other related marina facilities easier than ever before. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play.

If you are not that kind of a guy who wants to download yet “another sailing app”, we invite you to visit our Explore Marinas page. Here you can choose the marina you are sailing to and book a berth as well as pay marinas fees directly through the website.

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