A few boats at the harbour

Welcome to Harba

Who or what is Harba?

We are a small startup company based in the heart of Copenhagen. With a team of 6, we have worked passionately and ambitiously on our innovative mobile app for boaters project – HarbaApp. Our mission is to make life easier for boaters and harbour personnel. Seems like we have just reached a few very important milestones – launch of the HarbaApp, new website and blog. Certainly, this is just the beginning and we are driven to keep expanding Harba.

Month after month of personal contact with harbour masters and passionate boaters empowered us to create a user friendly mobile app for boaters. Our thought behind Harba is making boating and running marinas a breeze.

Instead of spending time cruising around with the boat in the harbour and worrying about the payment, an available spot or location, you can use HarbaApp to make your trip less complicated. With our digital harbour assistant you can find a partner harbour, book a spot for your destination harbour and pay beforehand. Easy and fast accessible from your tablet, smartphone or on our website.

Furthermore, in our mobile app you can find harbours from various countries to choose from including Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Scotland, Poland, Lithuania and others. Finally, we are constanly working on adding more harbours. Our goal is to expand to the rest of Europe in the near future.

Here on our blog we will keep you updated about sailing events, travel destinations, sailing stories, boats and designs, and others. You can stay in touch with us on Harba’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow our nautical journey together with us!

We are happy to announce that Harba is now ready to set its sails. You may download our mobile app for boaters from the App Store and Google Play starting from May 2016!


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