Judge Ryan and Hans Henken USA 49'er team at Aarhus

USA 49’er sailors in Aarhus

Meet two American 49’er sailors from California, competing with the best in the World. Judge Ryan and Hans Henken, says hello.

By: Rasmus Bonde Stouby, Harba.co

Competing with the best in, well, whatever you do, is already an achievement in itself. However, top sailors, and athletes in general, doesn’t seem to get much comfort in this, when the goal beep has sounded a bit too many times before they cross the finish line themselves.

“We really enjoyed the city of Aarhus. We had a great time, the weather actually cooperated for the most part. Unfortunately, we didn’t really have stellar results, so, other than sailing everything else was pretty great,” says Judge Ryan with a smile.

Paying tribute

Still, they haven’t forgotten where it all started for them:

“Coronado Yacht Club, junior program, was fantastic to helping people to learn how to sail and to get the experience of just having fun in a boat, for the first time. I didn’t grow up in a sailing family and so for me to go down to Coronado Yacht Club and have the ability to jump in a boat for the first time was kind of like magic, and really kind of jumpstarted my career in sailing,” says Hans Henken.

Judge Ryan hails from San Diego Yacht Club:

“San Diego has always been a pretty prestigious club for Olympic sailors. We have a lot of medalists and world champions, and it was always awe inspiring to see people strive to a higher level, and they put a pretty stellar program in place for me to excel and rise to the ranks to where I am now”.

Well, you can’t win them all, even though that is probably a lot more fun. But, here at Harba.co, we are glad you came over, and of course we wish you the best in the future. We were also glad to see that, despite of a bit of disappointment, you had not forgotten the rule zero of sailing: To have fun.


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