Sailing in Denmark – Part 1: Spodsbjerg Havn

Hello Sailors!
Welcome to our new blog series „Sailing in Denmark“. In every part we share one of our favourite sailing spots and harbour in the happiest country of the world with you. We hope to inspire you to set your sails to Denmark 🙂

Today we want to introduce you to the must-do’s and activities on Langeland and to Spodsbjerg Havn, a great marina you can stay in during your visit. The island is located at the border of Denmark and Germany. If you sail between these countries, we recommend you to stop by Langeland, it is worth spending a few days to enjoy this wonderful island. You will not regret it 🙂

Spodsbjerg Havn situated on the east coast of Langeland and has 180 berths, offering its guest a beautiful and perfect spot to discover the island and more. Since 1994 Spodsbjerg Havn have been welcoming sailors from all around the world.
The harbour is equipped with bath, toilet, washing room, children’s playground, bikes (but reserve them before you need them), a spot where you can barbecue and WIFI connection. There is also a kitchen sailors can use with washer, dryer and fridge/freezer service. All your needs are taken care of and you only have to do is pack your bag and sail to Langeland 🙂


Activities on Langeland
But what can you do there? Langeland offers a great variety of activities, you wont be bored for a single minute. If you are fond of fishing, you can try your luck at sea. On the east side of the island, you will find one of Denmark’s best angling waters – it is a fishermen’s paradise.
Don’t be disappointed if on the day you decided to go fishing, it turns out to be grey and stormy. In the case of bad weather, you can still go fishing at a 10.000 sqm “Put and Take”- lake, located north of the harbour. You will get your chance to catch some fish on Langeland 😉

If fishing is not your biggest hobby, there is still other options to spend your time on this amazing island. How about going on a discovery tour? You can take a walk or a hike on the island, enjoy the nature and beautiful view of the sea. Feel free to ask the harbour master to equip you with a map and his recommendations at the port office before starting your little adventure.


How about a little „Tour de Langeland“? Another great way to discover the surroundings are by bike. You can either rent one at the harbour or bring your own. On your trip, you will find forests and beaches, ancient remains, medieval churches and an idyllic market town. There is something to see for everyone and there will be so much to discover, plenty of cosy villages and the idyllic castletown TranekĂŚr. Dont worry about running out of places to go, the island is approximately 60 km long and 9 km wide.
If you are too tired to walk or bike, you can jump on a bus. There are bus connections to Rudkøbing, from Rudkøbing to Bagenkop in the south and Lohals in the north. The public transportation got you covered, in case you decided to take a break from walking.

Are you curious about Langeland now? You can take a look at the island via the online webcam and get a first impression. We hope you will pack your bag soon and take your next sailing trip to Spodsbjerg Havn 🙂

Book a guest berth13702332_1260615460615843_304745630_o
You can book a guest berth at Spodsbjerg Havn with Harba App before you start your sailing tour.
Simply download the app for free in your App Store and Google Play and book easy and fast with a few clicks from your mobile phone or tablet 🙂

If you reserve before the 31st Juli with the Harba app, you can use the discountcode „Spodsbjergblog“ to get 30 kr. discount on your booking compared to the normal price 🙂

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Now there is nothing standing in the way for a great trip to Langeland! We at Harba wish you a great time on Langeland 🙂



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