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Sailing in Denmark – TOP 5 Things To Do In Marina Toft

Marina Toft is a perfect starting point for sailing trips to the South Funen Archipelago, the Great and Little Belt as well as the Baltic Sea. Here is the TOP 5 things to do in Marina Toft to inspire you to visit this beautiful sailing destination.

#1. Visit Gråsten with it’s royal palace, chapel and garden

Gråsten is a very cosy little town. Take a walk along the pedestrian zone and find some original danish gifts. Visit Gråsten Palace which is best known for being the summer residence of the Danish Royal Family. Even though there’s no public access to the rooms of the castle, the Gråsten Palace Chapel in the north wing is open to the public. It has public services as well as cultural events. It is richly decorated with a grand altarpiece and about 80 paintings. The Gråsten Palace Garden is an english-inspired landscape garden that sits beautifully and naturally in the South Jutland landscape. In the summer season great beds of roses and perennials are radiant with a wealth of colours. Have in mind that during the stay of the royal family, the area is closed to the public and there is no access to the garden or the church.

#2. Enjoy a beautiful walk at “The Gendarme Path”

For hikers we can recommend “The gendarme path”, a 84-km-hiking path along the german-danish border. The path crosses Marina Minde directly and it offers certified quality hiking through some of the most beautiful nature in Denmark. While you walk, it’s easy to imagine the gendarmes keeping their eyes and ears open as they patrolled on foot moving across the steep cliffs and deep forests as well as flat beaches. Their job was to catch dangerous smugglers illegally moving goods in and out of the country. The smugglers wanted to avoid paying mandatory customs, which for centuries were one of the main sources of income in Denmark. In case you are curious to find out more about this, ask for a free brochure at the harbor office.

Gendarmstien hiking track

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#3. Taste freshly baked danish bread rolls

Take an energizing morning run and buy some freshly baked Danish bread rolls on the way. Enjoy the silence of the early morning while having your bread rolls with a good cup of coffee. Sitting calmly in the sun and enjoying the great sea view at Egernsund bridge and the sea. Sounds like a perfect start of the day, right?

#4. Taste fantastic food and enjoy the sea view at the “VÆRFTET” restaurant in Marina Minde/Egernsund

Got hungry after coming back from a beautiful sailing trip or a hiking adventure? VÆRFTET restaurant is the best place to be and enjoy the fantastic sea view while Thomas is serving you with a delicious flavorful fresh fish and a well-deserved glass of wine. To get there, it’s a nice little walk (~ 40 minutes) from Marina Toft. You can also sail to the restaurant as it is only one nautical mile away from Marina Toft – just around the corner. Have in mind that you need to reserve a table in advance.

Restaurant Vaerftet

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#5. Discover the “brickworks” history of the region

In Gråsten you are at the heart of the brick industry that once operated in the area – so what about learning something about it? You can visit the brickwork museum Cathrinesminde in Broager and discover the life and the work of the people working at the brickwork. Until the middle of the 20th century, tiles and bricks were still mainly made by hand. Both women and children helped in doing them, and frequently, the whole families used to work at the brickworks. Come close to Cathrinesminde’s old ringoven from the year 1892 and take a look into the worker’s homes from that time. You also can visit Egernsund church, which is made from the local stone. The foreign names on many of the gravestones show how many different nationalities worked in the brickworks. You may also try to find some bricks at the beach. There are bricks in various shapes and colours there. They came from the 76 brickworks that once operated in the area. Sometimes you can even see which factory the brick came from because the name is imprinted in the brick.

Cathrinesminde Brickworks museum

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