Sailing in Denmark – Part 8: Thyborøn

Sailing in Denmark – Part 8: Thyborøn

Welcome to our weekly series regarding beautiful sailing destinations 🙂 We would like to introduce you to a new marina and city every week and we hope to inspire you to visit them in the future 🙂 Today we picked a small marina where you have the chance to get an insight into history and spend a lot of time with your family discovering and learning new things.

Thyborøn is an idyllic fishing village in North West Jutland, Denmark and it is a great destination if you are looking for a calm, relaxing but still interesting time. Around Thyborøn, there are a number of shipwrecks, such as that of the Imperial Russian naval vessel Alexander Nevskij.


If you are interested in European history and WWI, you should definitely take some time to visit the Sea War Museum of Jutland. There you will find an unique collection of artifacts and memorials of the sea battle in Western Denmark displayed in the museum’s large timber sheds. The museum is one of a kind. It is founded by a private collector and it doesn’t take any sides of the war, instead it explains the story and human losses on both sides in a neutral way.

For a relaxing day with your family, you can go to Kystcentret Thybøron. The exploratorium offers many indoor activities for both young and adults. The center is in the theme of “Sand, Water and Knowledge”. Here you can activiely learn with a lot of fun activities.

You will get to know what is shaping the west coast of Jutland, or how to protect the coast from the destructive forces. You won’t get bored with all the activities in the 5000m² big Kystcentret!

Another great activity for the entire family is Jyllandsakvariet, the Aqua world in ThybøronIt is a great place for to spend your day. In the aquarium you are allowed to touch the fish, like the flatfish, small fish, or even sharks (watch your fingers 😉 and you can go on treasure hunt and find amber in the indoor beach.
There are lots and lots of things to discover and learn about the inhabitants of the North Sea. There are different events and trips, which you can check out on the website before you visit the aquarium 🙂


Where to dock when sailing to Thybøron?

We are happy to introduce you to our partner marina – Thyborøn Lystbådehavn. The small and cozy marina has an idyllic laid-back ambiance like the city itself. Around the marina you can treat ice cream and fast food during summer, or just go for a walk at the sand beach close by.

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