Flensburg city view from Jürgensby

Sailing in Germany – Part 2: Flensburg

Welcome back to our blog 🙂 This week we want to show you around a wonderful German harbor city located very close to the Danish border. Hopefully you will like Flensburg as much as we do. The charming city in Northern Germany sure has a lot to offer and it is just the perfect destination for a weekend trip or a short stop-over on your sailing trip in the Baltic Sea.

Flensburg is always wor

What to do

You can go on a shopping spree in the city center, enjoy a nice Northern German meal, discover the Danish/German history of the cities in the museums or go for a relaxing walk along the Old harbour and in the Old town of Flensburg. We will introduce you to the must-sees and places in town 🙂

Old town and harbour

An absolute must-visit when you are in town is the area around the Old town of Flensburg. Many historical buildings, museums and a church are located in the area. Furthermore, you can see the Old marina of Flensburg with classical old ships and boats. A very interesting sightseeing spot which you can not skip on your trip.

Classical old ship in the Old marina of Flensburg

St.Nikolai Church

St. Nikolai is a beautiful church in the middle of the shopping pedestrian street of Flensburg. It has an impressive altar piece and a magnificent organ. In our personal opinion, the restored organ is truly worth going inside this church. If you have some days in town, you should try and catch a concert at St. Nikolai Church.


The Science Center is the perfect destination for the entire family. Plan in a day for visiting the center because there are a lot of things to investigate and to discover. The range of activities is wide and it is surely an excitement and lots of fun for children and parents.

Flensburg shopping street

Before you are ending your trip in Flensburg, you should stop by the beautiful and long shopping street. In the middle of the city and with lots of stores, a shopping center and many cafés around, it is a perfect place for a small shopping spree.1280px-flensburg_galerie_eingang_vom_holm_mit_dem_gebaude_holm_59_auf_der_rechten_seite

Danevirke Museum

If you are interested in the history of Flensburg, we recommend you to visit Danevirke Museum (Danewerk Museum). It is located outside of the inner city and close to the Danish border. In the museum you will get an insight into the Danish history, the war at the border in 1864 and Life in Schlesvig back then and now.

Beach close to Flensburg

Just a few kilometres from Flensburg you can go to the beach Solitüde Strand to enjoy the fresh air and the view of the Baltic Sea. It is a great destination for a relaxing walk, no matter what season of the year you will go.

Solitüder Strand close to Flensburg

Where to dock when you sail to Flensburg?

Our partner harbour Marina Werftkontor is located at the Flensburg’s eastbank, close to Flensburger “Volkspark” – a public park. The picturesque old-town, museums and the shopping street are only a short walking distance away. The marina has about 50 guest berths and you can book a spot for your trip to Flensburg at the marina 🙂

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