Sailing in Denmark – Part 6: Humlum

Welcome back to our weekly series about the most beautiful sailing destinations in Denmark. Hope we will inspire you to visit them soon! If you are that kind of person who dreams about going on an idyllic camping vacation or staying overnight in a cottage surrounded by peaceful nature surroundings – give it a try with Humlum. We are pretty sure it will give you a perfect break from the busy and stressful everyday life. Set your sails to the direction of the Limfjord in Northern Denmark and visit Humlum!

Humlum is an idyllic fishing village with it’s charming old fishermen’s cottages as well as a family-friendly beach nearby. The water of the Limfjord is comfortably warm during Danish summer days and perfect for a swim. It offers peaceful surroundings for true nature lovers.

You can stay in a summer house or a small cottage, in a camping area or book a guest berth at the marina and simply stay there.

The campground is right by the water and the beach is right next to it. Alone or together with your family, you can enjoy the idyllic ambiance, the calming beach views and nature.

You can also sail with your sailboat for a little fishing adventure. A few hundred meters from the campground and marina, you will find an undisturbed fishing spot, where you can try your luck. There is a special fish cleaning facility by the camp where you can prepare your day’s catch to satisfy your belly.

Humlum surroundings

If you are not into fishing, you can simply go for a long, idyllic stroll to discover the area. We love the area around Humlum. Close by, you will find a large nature landscape, which is home to various local animals. Don’t be surprised if you come across some curious see birds, foxes, hares and maybe even a deer while strolling around the area.

There is also a shop and an information office where locals will be happy to assist you. Check out the Facebook page of Humlum Fiskerleje & Camping and get a first impression of the camping site, activities and adventures that awaits you in Humlum marina and around.

You can book and pay for your berth and other related marina facilities by downloading our HarbaApp – a free mobile app for boaters – or by visiting Humlum marina page on our website and using the quick book payment form there.

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