Sailing in Denmark – Part 2: Vejrø

Welcome to the green island hideaway

Have you always dreamed of a vacation on an island close to the nature and sea? Then pack your bags and lets go to Denmark. Vejrø is the perfect destination for you. Years ago, a Danish man bought the island and turned it into a self sustainable and green place, where you can stay and feel close to nature again.
Vejrø is located north of Lolland and it is only reachable by plane or boat. With the Harba App you can book a guest berth before you sail to Vejrø. Please be aware that vessels over 15 meters long or with any special measures should be prebooked.

Vejrø Marina welcomes sailors with 85 guest berths. Water and electricity are available and every sailor enjoy luxurious conditions for the entire stay.  There are also showers and lavatory facilities with washing machines and family-friendly bathrooms. Along the harbour front, the marina is lively and welcoming with tables, benches, barbecues and bonfire spots – it’s perfect to enjoy your time with together with fellow sailors.

Vejrø (88)

It’s just a short walk from Vejrø Marina to Skipperly, where you’ll find a restaurant, bar and farm shop offering organic island product. At Skipperly you can enjoy a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner – prepared with sustainably ingredients. The island is self-sufficient, farming the products for the restaurant and farm shop in Vejrø. You can spoil yourself at Skipperly, where only authentic countryside cuisine is served – from field to fork.


If you decide to spend the night on land, and not on your boat, you can also stay in a relaxed luxury suites or deluxe rooms at Blæsenborg – or you can rent your own holiday home. A great place from where the entire family can go explore the island and reconnect with nature.


There are so many things to do on the island! Close to the harbour are a tennis court, a pirate play ship for children and a bunny hill.
Furthermore, Vejrø is a unique location amid the Småland waters and offers opportunities for diverse fishing, with catches like sea trout, rainbow trout, grey mullet, plaice, flounder, turbot, cod, garfish, eel, and more. Doesn’t it sound like a dream for every fisher man? For a larger group, half-day and day fishing trips can be arranged in the waters of Småland.  Please contact the Marina for further information.
If you are not a fan of fishing and tennis, you also have the opportunity to arrange a gastronomic workshop or a hunting experiences, where you hunt and prepare the catch for cooking yourself. These activities can be arranged in advance on an individual basis.

Havn skumring

We hope that we have inspired you to take a trip to this beautiful and unique island. On Vejrø your time is your own – embrace the beauty of nature!

Book a guest berth
You can book a guest berth at Vejrø Marina before your sailing trip with our app – directly from your smart phone or tablet.

If you reserve before the 31st Juli with the Harba app, you can use the discountcode “Vejroblog” to get 30 kr. discount on your booking compared to the normal price 🙂

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We at Harba wish you a good sailing trip! 🙂

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