Harba Subcontractors


The below subcontractors of our IT systems can get access to our customer’s data when the customer has signed our Data Privacy Agreement. The subcontractors deliver services that we consider necessary to be able to deliver the products and services that Harba agrees to deliver when entering into a service agreement with a customer.

The list will be updated on an on-going basis. If a subcontractor is added to the list, all relevant customers will be notified accordingly.

Asana USA/IrelandPlanningApril 9, 2018
AtlassianConfluence, JiraAustralia / IrelandInternal knowledge sharing / planningApril 9, 2018
ePay DenmarkPaymentsApril 9, 2018
GoogleDocs, Drive, Calendar, Gmail, FormsUSA / IrelandInternal knowledge sharing / planning / forms / e-mailApril 9, 2018
MicrosoftAzure, SkypeUSA / Holland / IrelandHosting, communicationApril 9, 2018
Nykredit DenmarkPaymentsApril 9, 2018
Slack USAInternal CommunicationApril 9, 2018
Teamgate LithuaniaCustomer Relationship ManagementApril 9, 2018
Trello USAMarket ResearchApril 9, 2018
Unoeuro DenmarkHostingApril 9, 2018
WordPress USAWebsite & content managementApril 9, 2018