The perfect sailing trip to Riga

The perfect sailing trip to Riga

This week in our blog, we have chosen to present you the beautiful sailing destination Riga in Latvia. The city is both a wonderful place for a short trip or a vacation with city life, cultural experiences and a wonderful beach. Today we introduce you to the most beautiful spots, so you can plan the perfect trip. After reading this article Riga will be on top of your bucket list 🙂


After having a wonderful sailing trip and docking your boat in the marina, you can relax at the beach and go for a nice walk in Riga or you can go discover the old town.

Old City Riga (Vecriga)
This is the main historical center of the city and it is included in the UNESCO heritage. The Old Town, which is located between the Daugava River and the Kronvalda Park with its romantic waterway, has many well maintained and restored buildings from the time when Riga was a wealthy Hanse town. Some of the newer buildings represent the Latvian Art Nouveau style and each building has its own beauty.

We think that for a great atmosphere to see the architecture and art, you should go for a walk there around sunrise.

Riga Town Hall Squareold_riga_buildings
As you read above, Riga has a fascinating old center with various architecture. It also has two cathedrals. Within the area of Riga Town Hall Square you can find several landmark buildings. Starting from the St. Peter Church, the Blackhead building and the Town Hall building, the square itself is also worth spending time to relax and enjoy the architectural beauty.  Furthermore, the Information Center is located in the Blackhead building and the staff is happy to give you advice and recommendation. The Hall Square is a great place to take a break from walking through the Old Town.

View of Riga from St Peter’s Church TowerView of Riga from St Peter’s Church Tower

You should definitely plan to visit this spot. The view from the top of the tower is incredible as you get a full 360 degree view from the platform on top of the church, looking over the entire city. Especially amazing during a sunny day, where you can see all over the Old Town into the New Town, but the view is still incredible in any weather (though might get a bit windy up there).

There is an admission charge of €9 per person which seems expensive first but in our opinion, it is worth it for the stunning view. The admission ticket allows you to visit the exhibitions around the church as well.

Latvian National Operaopera_nacional_riga_letonia_2012-08-07_dd_15
In contrast to the rather modest appearance of this theater building, in the inside you can visit an impressive architecture from another world with its decorative style. If there is a performance (either opera or ballet) on stage during your stay in Riga, you should definitely attend it. The tickets are very affordable and you can enjoy high-class ballet and opera at very reasonable prices.

Alberta Iela

Alberta street in Riga
This is an absolute must-see area. The street is full with stunning architecture wherever you look. Located just a walking distance from the old town, you can go there straight after you have been admiring the beauties of the old town. Alberta lela is a unique street, packed with interesting Art Noveau architecture. You can actually call them architectural wonders, since each building has its distinct decorative facade and style, representing its own character.

What are you waiting for? Set your sails and enjoy a few days in beautiful Riga 🙂 This video will show you how beautiful and stunning this city is:

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