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Oban Marina: now is the best time to go digital

In the summer of 2020, Oban Marina – a peaceful marina based on the Isle of Kerrera, Scotland – contacted Harba. The marina was looking for a smart solution to reduce time spent on check-in as well as to better protect its visitors in times of global pandemic.

Challenges with the check-in

Usually, the whole check-in process in Oban Marina used to take around 20-30 minutes per vessel. The customer would check-in via a visit to the receptionist. The receptionist would record the details of the customer in a software programme and then record the payment in the Till. There would be manual map used to cross-check the boats present at the end of the day completed by one person. Later, this person would hand it to the receptionist for cross-checking against who had checked in. Another employee would then have to visit the boats who had not checked in and send them to the reception. Further checks would then be carried to ensure the Till matched the software records in order to record the income in the accounting software.

“Our check-in process was somewhat inefficient in terms of the number of people involved and the time spent on it. We were also unable to operate our tiny reception space due to social distancing requirements.” – says Samantha King, Director at Oban Marina.

Digitalisation of the processes

Harba team offered an easy and accessible payment and check-in solution via the free mobile app for boaters and marinas – HarbaApp, as well as through the web browser. Oban Marina customers can now download the HarbaApp for free and enter their data only once. This means the check-in is quick and easy. For those who do not want to download the app, it is possible to check-in and make a payment for marina facilities online.

“Harba helped us to increase productivity as well as to improve our customer experience through quick and safe payments and check-in. Our boaters love it!” – says Samantha.

Oban Marina does not need to employ two employees solely dedicated to the check-in processes anymore. The staff is able to be on a berth when the customer arrives. They can greet customers with an enthusiastic smile knowing they don’t have to waste any time with all the administrative hassle. The marina can focus more on delivering the customer’s needs.

In addition, HarbaApp integrates with the HarbaMaster marina management software which allows Oban Marina to have a better overview of its berth availability, reporting and statistics.

“I also like the enthusiasm of the development team at Harba. If you have any particular need to suit your marina, the team will do their best to understand it. They will create the best possible solution for your unique marina needs.” – adds Samantha.

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Now is the best time

Moving to various digital solutions seems like a natural and essential transition for marinas worldwide. According to Samantha, if marinas don’t move together with the digital age, they will fall behind and miss all the financial gains that digital systems offer. Marinas have extremely high overheads. Therefore, moving to a digital system can allow them to redirect their resources to more important areas of the business.

In times of the global pandemic, there has never been a better time to start digitalizing your marina. It helps to protect your customers and marina staff as well as to better comply with the COVID-19 regulations.

“It is definitely worth investing a small amount of time for implementation as it is well worth it. Harba provides an affordable package that will result in long term customer satisfaction and lead to increased productivity. Try Harba – you and your customers won’t regret it!” – concludes Samantha.

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