Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle

Sending a message in a bottle – haven’t we all done this as a child? With hope, we wrote a nice letter and put it in a waterproof and firm sealed bottle. Then, we went to the beach and “sent” the message into the big open ocean. Maybe someone will eventually find it and respond. Unfortunately, in my case, I never got an answer back, but the “Krabber” from Kerteminde Sailing Club in Denmark had more luck 🙂

The Krabber wrote in their letter that they are from a sailing club and love to catch shrimps and of course, go sailing. They sincerely hoped to get a message back. The bottle was going on a journey and eventually, the team of six sailors from Germany (especially Max and Franz – pictured right) fished the bottle out of the water, while they were spending time on the shores of the island Strynö.

On Facebook, the crew wrote about their finding and shared the letter. That is how we found out about it and we were just amazed by their kindness. The friendly sailors sent a huge package (or should we say a “treasure chest”) to the “Krabbe” filled with lots of candy, pictures and of course a personal letter.


The Harba team is a big fan of this act of kindness and nice gesture. We are sure the Krabber will be very happy to receive such a great answer to their message in the bottle 🙂

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