Point of Sale

Simplify Sales. Explore Harba’s Point of Sale Capabilities

Expand your business with Harba Point of Sale

Are you searching for ways to increase revenue at your marina beyond traditional services like subscriptions and berth fees? Harbas Point of Sale solution will unlock additional revenue streams while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Features & Benefits

Seamless customer experience

Simplify the purchasing experience for your marina customers. Allow customers to conveniently buy various services or products throughout their stay and pay just once, eliminating hassle and streamlining their experience.

  • Keep a “tap” open and add products during their stay
  • Immediate provisioning of access and
  • Flexible payment options

Payment and service flexibility

Create a range of products and start selling them to customers. Add products to their bill and close it out when they or you are ready, giving them one total bill.

  • Send invoice to them directly in the app
  • Credit card payment in the POS location
  • Take cash and register payment directly

Efficient invoicing and billing

Keep a bill open during the customer’s stay. Close down the bill when they or you are ready and send an invoice for immediate payment.

Manage all centrally and keep it in one centralized solution.


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