Marina Map & Space Assignment

Marina Map & Space Assignment

Marina Map & Space Assignment

Get a visual overview of occupancy, with tailored views for guests and long-term customers. Assign boats to berths and have a real-time overview.

  • Assign boats to berths and see them visually
  • Customizable views for guest and long-term berth holders
  • A visual view of future occupancy

Features & Benefits

Real-time visual overview of your marina

See a real-time view of what’s going on in your marina. Zoom in and out and drill into key aspects of your berths and customers. Red means it’s taken and green means the slot is available.

Put it into full screen and put it on a large screen in the office. It refreshes every 2 minutes so you always have a real-time and updated view of your harbour.

Increase revenue by visual planning

Filter for different future time intervals and see occupancy rates. Take action today if slots open up in the future.

See it all visually for a more intuitive planning experience

Berth and customer assignment

Assign customers directly to empty berths in the visual interface. Filter for boat size and hone in on what’s really available for the customer at this moment or anytime in the future.


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