Guests & Reservations

Guests & Reservations

Guest Bookings and Payments

Receive bookings from visiting guests. Expose availability, attract more boaters, and increase your revenue. Get the full guest overview, and see incoming and leaving guests.

Features & Benefits

Expose Berth Map with Available Slots

Your available berths are automatically exposed for guests for easy booking already before they enter your harbor. Avoid confusion inside the harbor with the real-time view of the availability

  • Visual view of availability
  • Give your harbor more exposure and attract more guests
  • Increase revenue through higher occupancy

Upsell Facilities and Access Automatically

Bookings are integrated with Harbas Access Control System that’s mounted on the key facility doors. Customers are automatically given access to the right doors based on their purchase

  • No more access code administration
  • Immediate access for the best experience
  • Configure all access control and products self-service

Cash free operations

Receive payment directly at booking from HarbaApp, HarbaWeb and Kiosk. Guests will book stays, access to facilities, and pay instantly with credit cards.

  • Pay with all international credit cards
  • Receive payments online, in the app and in the Kiosk
  • Get detailed guest information directly from Harba

Provide a delightful customer experience

Customers can see availability, book berths, see extra available upsell options directly in the HarbaApp. Customers use their already existing Harba profile information for an easy check-in experience.

  • Best-in-class and easy-to-use app experience
  • Integrated experience where purchase gives access to facilities
  • Kiosk purchase option for non-app users
  • Easy and fast check-in


Please contact us to get more information about the pricing for guest and reservation functionalities.

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