CRM and Communication

CRM & Communication

Get a 360-degree view of your customers

Having a full overview of all aspects of your customers can be difficult. With Harbas CRM and Communication functionalities, you will have full insights into all aspects of your customers. Build stronger relationships by having more personal information at your fingertips.

  • Ensure all customer information is up to date
  • Get full insights on all your customers
  • Direct communication channel directly with your customers

Features & Benefits

Maintain all your customer information in one place

Store boat information, contact information, insurance information, and much more on the customers. Get a complete overview and easily see the status of each customer.

  • See subscription billing and other billing history
  • See previous conversation and communication history
  • See boat details information
  • See and update visual information, pictures, and more
  • Full insurance management – get notified of expirations

Full subscription billing and invoicing integration

Subscription billing automatically calculates correct billing. See which invoices and invoice status, so you can easily take action on late payments.

  • See all subscriptions on each customer
  • See payment history and open invoices
  • See all other purchased services

Communicate directly with texts and emails

Set up dynamic messaging groups, send out personalized 1 to 1 messages via text and email, and start building stronger relationships with your customers.

  • Send out emails and texts
  • Attach files
  • Dynamic groups of receivers depending on subscriptions and more

Connected with all other Harba services

Fully integrated with the waitlist, Crane, Sales, and Billing modules, so that customer information always is at your fingertips

  • See any unpaid invoices when working in the Crane daily list
  • See boat details in the waitlist overview

Customers keep their information updated in the HarbaApp

Ensure that you always have the latest information directly in your CRM. Decrease your admin time, by customer directly updating key information in the Harba App

  • Have customers upload insurance information and documentation
  • Full information on boats and images
  • Contact information, images, and more


Please contact us to get more information about the pricing of our CRM and communication module.

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