Billing, Invoicing & Payment

Effortless Billing: Simplify Invoicing with Harba

Billing, invoicing & Payments

Make your billing and invoicing much more efficient with Harbas billing and invoicing. Set billing on autopilot, remove the manual work and give boaters easy payment options.

  • Automate your invoicing
  • Stop chasing payments.
  • Speed up bookkeeping

Features & Benefits

Create and send invoices in minutes

Send out all your invoices simultaneously with just a few clicks. Simplify the billing process and save valuable time.

  • Automatic Invoicing rules. Set up automatic invoicing
  • Eliminating the risk of overlooking payments
  • Ensure a consistent and reliable revenue collection process.

  • Sign people up from Harbormaster addition, customer sign-up through the app, and customer sign-up through the Sailor area.
  • User is asked for for registration fees and required information as defined by the harbor
  • Customers can be on multiple lists and even be on a list without a boat
  • Customers can update preference directly in the app decreasing the amount of outdated information available

Recurring Subscription Billing

Handle both one-off but also recurring subscription billing. Create and allocate a diverse range of subscription products to cater to the specific needs of your customers.

  • Setup auto-renewal
  • Never forget an invoice

Automatic payment collection

Stop wasting time chasing payments manually. Ensure complete control and visibility of payment status.

  • Realtime tracking of overdue, pending, and paid invoices
  • Quickly send out reminders to all overdue customers in bulk

Receive payments without the headaches

Receive payments through a set of payment methods and channels. Credit card payments, FI codes, and bank transfers are all possible through the payment setup.

  • Automate your payment to invoice mapping with FI/FIC codes
  • Receive instant payments with credit cards through Stripe. Most international cards supported
  • Add Bank transfer information on the invoice for the more traditional boaters

Choose which channels you want to offer and start sending invoices out and receive payments in a breeze.

Accounting software integration – Automate your Bookkeeping

Remove manual work with the standard accounting integrations. Harba integrates with e-conomic, KMD Opus and more are coming. For others, all data can be exported with export functionality

Receiving payments via FI codes and credit cards automatically matches payments to invoices. Gone are the days when you have to sit through a long list of bank transfers and match those to invoices.

Easy and Secure Payment for Boaters

Boaters can pay for invoices with a credit card directly in the Harba App. They can add payment details, and pay recurring invoices without manual efforts.

  • A secure and safe way of collecting payments
  • Store credit card information securely for future purchases
  • See and view all current and past invoices and payment status


Please contact us to get more information about the pricing for billing and invoices functionalities

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