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Harbas next generation Marina Software Solution allows marinas to remove tedious administration, increase revenue and deliver great boater experiences – all from one platform.

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One Integrated Solution

See how Peter Hermansen from Marina Fredericia is using Harba, why he chose Harba, and what he gets out of it:

  • Decrease administration
  • One integrated solution for full overview
  • Increased revenue

CRM & Communication

Get a 360-degree view of your customers

Having a full overview of all aspects of your customers can be difficult. With Harbas CRM and Communication functionalities, you will have full insights into all aspects of your customers. Build stronger relationships by having more personal information at your fingertips.

  • Get full insights on all your customers
  • Ensure all customer information is up to date
  • Direct communication channels via email and text directly with your customers

Billing, invoicing & Payments

Make your billing and invoicing much more efficient with Harbas billing and invoicing. Set billing on autopilot, remove the manual work and give boaters easy payment options.

  • Automate your invoicing
  • Stop chasing payments.
  • Speed up bookkeeping

Marina Map & Space Assignment

Get a visual overview of occupancy, with tailored views for guests and long-term customers. Assign boats to berths and have a real-time overview.

  • Assign boats to berths and see them visually
  • Customizable views for guest and long-term berth holders
  • A visual view of future occupancy

Try Harba – you and your customers won’t regret it! Harba helped us to increase productivity as well as to improve our customer experience through quick and safe payments and check-in. Our boaters love it! I also like the enthusiasm of the development team at Harba – they will create the best possible solution for your unique marina needs.

– Samantha King, Director at Oban Marina, Scotland

Guest Bookings and Payments

Receive bookings from visiting guests. Expose availability, attract more boaters, and increase your revenue. Get the full guest overview, and see incoming and leaving guests.

Crane Operations

No more need for pen and paper in your crane operations! Allow customers to book and pay directly in the Harba app, and reduce manual efforts and planning mistakes.

  • Remove manual efforts of Crane bookings
  • Avoid no-shows with payments directly at booking
  • Integrated workflow and communication with boaters
  • Optimize crane operator operations with daily activity lists

Boater Mobile & Web App

Provide a delightful boater experience with the mobile App. Fully integrated with Harba Marina Management Software for a seamless boater and marina experience.

  • Boaters can see all invoices, pay, and see payment status
  • Boaters can buy additional services like power, crane booking, and more
  • Boaters can share information with the harbor master

Expand your business with Harba Point of Sale

Are you searching for ways to increase revenue at your marina beyond traditional services like subscriptions and berth fees? Harbas Point of Sale solution will unlock additional revenue streams while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Wait List Management – Long and Short Term

Manage your wait lists smarter. Setup internal and external wait lists and decrease the administration.

  • No more spreadsheets! Ease the administration of the boater waitlist.
  • Increase your waitlist revenue with built-in payment from the boater
  • Get a clear overview: No more guesswork! Gain a transparent and organized overview of waiting lists, customers, and status

Hardware Solutions

Harba is offering a fully integrated solution the best-in-class hardware solutions on the market.


HarbaKiosk A stationary self-service payment terminal for credit card payments for berths, auto campers and other marina facilities.

Popular Features

  • Self-service payments
  • Access-codes for facilities
  • Weather information


A cloud-based access control system that allows you to safely and seamlessly manage access to various marina facilities (e.g. shower, toilet, etc.).

Popular Features

  • Automated access control
  • Easy access to relevant data
  • Personal PIN or RFID tags


An upgrade for power pedestals to help you reduce electricity consumption and manage power payments more efficiently.

Popular Features

  • Automated billing process
  • Automated electricity readings
  • Access-codes for power usage


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