HarbaAccess cloud-based access control system

HarbaAccess is a cloud-based access control system to manage access to various your marina facilities (e.g. shower, toilet, sauna, etc.).

Save time and use it for other important activities

With HarbaAccess your marina staff can forget about such tedious tasks as handling keys and codes to marina facilities.

HarbaAccess automates this process for you. It allows your marina guests to pay and get access to your facilities without your involvement.

This saves you time and lets you focus on more creative ways to make your marina guests feel special and welcome.

Have more control over your marina facilities

HarbaAccess integrates seamlessly with the HarbaMaster marina management software. Using only one management system you can see who accessed which marina facilities and when. Various other relevant information is available as well.

You can be confident that unauthorized people will not access your facilities and if something is stolen or damaged it will be easy to track who did it and when.

Save money instead of losing it

HarbaAccess ensures that only long-term berth holders and only those transient marina guests who made payment can use your marina facilities.

As a result, you will reduce the chances of unauthorized use of the facilities and increase income.

Improve marina guests’ experience

Easy access and clear instructions on how to access marina facilities contribute to a better experience for your marina guests.

They can relax and enjoy the marine environment instead of wandering around your marina trying to find out how to access its facilities. Everything is taken care of automatically.

How does it work?

With HarbaAccess you can easily control who can access your marina facilities (e.g. shower, toilet, sauna, etc.) and who cannot.

Transient marina guests receive their unique access codes to marina facilities as soon as they make a payment either through the free mobile app for boaters – HarbaApp or via the self-service HarbaKiosk at the marina. The code is sent either to the boater’s email address or as a text message to his smartphone.

Long term berth holders are given their personal PIN or RFID tag.

All services are then automatically billed on a monthly basis via the HarbaMaster marina management system providing an overview of the usage and payment information of your marina facilities. With HarbaAccess you get a product that:

  • Is cost-efficient
  • Offers a limitless number of users
  • Gives you the possibility for offering short-term access
  • Makes the use of RFID tags available
  • Has a modern and user-friendly design
  • Is hands-off as we take care of instalment and maintenance

For pricing information please contact us directly as it depends on your marina needs.

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