Your complete marina management solution

Learn more about our marina management products below or book a demo right away and have a chat with us to know what’s best for your unique marina needs!

Our products are integrated with one another to make them easy to use for both marina staff and boaters building a better understanding and a stronger bond with one another.



HarbaMaster is a cloud-based marina management software digitalising and simplifying marina management processes. Have more control over your marina reservations, get a better overview of what’s going on in your marina, digitalise time-consuming administrative work, increase data security, engage with the boaters and much more.



HarbaApp is a free mobile app for boaters that lets them book and pay for their berth or mooring. Join HarbaApp together with more than 120 other progressive marinas in Europe and let boaters reserve and pay for their berths easier than ever before. Save time and increase income by managing your marina reservations more effectively.


HarbaKiosk is a stationary self-service payment terminal allowing boaters without a smartphone and HarbaApp to pay for marina services easier than ever before. HarbaKiosk significantly cuts your marina payment related costs as it is way cheaper than other payment terminal alternatives in the market. Several design options available.



HarbaAccess is a cloud-based access control system to manage access to various your marina facilities. With HarbaAccess you can save your time and easily control who can access your marina facilities (e.g. shower, toilet, sauna, etc.) and who cannot.



HarbaSense is an affordable automated berth management solution replacing conventional and inefficient red / green berth availability signs in marinas. Allow boaters to be sure which berth is actually empty and which is not, track berth availability and payments in real time.

Your complete marina management solution