Love story with a sailor and how it lead to the gale-force winds

Love story with a sailor and how it lead to the gale-force winds

“Four and a half years ago I fell in love with a sailor boy and this is where my sailing story begins…

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Together we bought a second-hand J-Boat 105, which is a stable cruiser/racer, built in France.  After a few test runs and some small modifications, we pointed the bow south-west and started our trip from Terneuzen (Holland) towards Saint-Vaast-la-Hougu. It is a lovely bay just before the tip of Cherbourg.

Some people say if you can sail the English Channel, you can sail anywhere. Based on our experience we believe that’s true.

On day two we were between Nieuwpoort and Dunkerque, I was driving while Alexander took a nap (no autopilot). The wind increased so I woke him up and asked him to furl in the jib. While doing that I noticed a beautiful light on the starboard side. It was almost illuminating in the sky, making it appear bright white. Any experienced sailor would have been alarmed but I could only admire the beauty of it.

Before we knew it, we found ourselves in the middle of a storm with gale-force winds and lightning. The engine was not strong enough to get Jingle into the wind. Therefore, the sheet was swinging uncontrollably and got caught behind the winch. With this kind of forces on our main sail, the boat capsized and water started rushing in. Pure adrenaline kicked in and we worked together to resolve the problem and get the main down as soon as possible.

Normally, we would have sailed down towards Calais that day, but we were pretty beaten down so we stopped in Dunkerque to lick our wounds.

Of course not the entire trip was like this. By the time we were around Ouistreham we even got some company from a couple of dolphins. :)”

Check Sophie’s and her boyfriend sailing moments in this videoOur team wishes you all more favourable winds and the best of luck with your future adventures!

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