Living with the tide

Living With The Tide

Matt and Paige – an adventurous couple from the UK – have recently started their sailing journey around the world in their Classic Contest 41 Nova. Today they are sharing some most memorable sailing moments from their life living with the tide.

“Our journey started in Scotland, where we explored the Isle of Skye. From the towering mountains to the playful dolphins, Skye is one very beautiful place to sail. One of our most memorable moments of sailing is having to get up at 5 am to ensure we met the tides coming through Loch Ash, and needless to say, we were both not looking forward to the passage. We were, however, both happily surprised when we were joined by the biggest dolphins we have ever seen. One of which was a mother and a baby dolphin who stayed with us to play for a while.

Woman on a sailboat taking selfie

Nothing can beat being surrounded by beautiful mountains whilst dolphins happily play in your bow waves. The views often make you feel like you are sailing through a movie set. And Skye has offered the most beautiful sunsets along the way!

One thing for sure about sailing in Scotland, and I guess the most difficult thing, is the wind. We have happily been cruising along with 15 knots of the wind (as per the forecast) before being hit with 35 knots of the wind from nowhere! So, reefing in your sails and occasionally having to bring them in completely is a normal day sailing in Scotland!

Front of the sailboat splashing water

Selling up to sail the world has been one of the biggest decisions we have ever made, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best. It has shown us the world in a whole new light, and given us adventures that we would have never dreamed of! We’ve met people from all sorts of backgrounds and every moment has been a new experience.

It’s never too late to live your dream!”

Sunset from the sailboat

As for the future plans, the couple will be sailing across the Bay of Biscay, to Portugal, down to the Canary Islands and then crossing the Atlantic in November. Wishing them favorable winds and even more dolphins!

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