Moving in the right direction

Last Friday we shared a story about The Coconuts Sail Team which grew out of this families’ love and passion for the sea and travel. Today, Sarah Ryan Hudson is sharing a story about the very beginning of her sailing experience and the deep bond with her mother’s 40-years-old Sunfish.

“My mother, LJ, was the kind of friend who never missed a phone call. She was always there when you needed her and the best friend I have ever known. LJ shared her love of sailing with me. She grew up sailing a Sunfish so when I was a child, I learned to sail in her home waters off of Long Island. However, I took a sailing hiatus in a high school and college because I lived so far from the water.

In 2014, LJ lost her second battle with cancer. My siblings and I inherited her 40-year-old Sunfish. The boat still floats and we’re planning on restoring her.  Every time we put the Sunfish in the water, it truly feels like we still get to share an afternoon sail with LJ.

Moving to the right direction

After LJ passed away, I felt very lost. I lived in central Virginia at the time and began to realise what I needed was to relocate to somewhere coastal. I applied to jobs in cities all up and down the East and West coasts. The first time I drove across the bridge to Norfolk, I had the overwhelming feeling that I was moving in the right direction.

I packed up everything in Charlottesville and moved to Norfolk also known as the Mermaid City. After a few months, I joined a community sailing centre. The very next day, I met the love of my life, Thomas.

In 2017, we sailed over 100 days”

Moving to the right direction

Currently, Sarah teaches sailing at the community centre where she and Thomas had met, and she just started a sailing blog called Sincerely Sarah Ryan. Thomas and Sarah are searching for a catamaran to live aboard and hope to sail around the world together. Follow Sarah on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube).



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