If you can dream it, you can do it…

The Coconuts Sail Team grew out of this families’ love and passion for the sea and travel. They are a family of world travelers following their dreams and leading a nomadic life aboard for almost a decade.

“I was born and raised in paradise, Costa Rica. My father was Costa Rican and my mother American.  As my mother’s parents lived in Florida, on occasional summers we would go visit them. My grandfather had a small sailboat, with the tiller in one hand, a beer in the other and a bag of pretzels by his side we would glide over the water while he told us stories about passages across the Atlantic…

If you dream it, it will happen: A girl sitting in a sailboat together with her father

When I was 13 years old he gave me a copy of the book ‘Dove’ by Robin Lee Graham. After reading this book and experiencing with my grandfather the joy of being propelled by sails filled with air into a distant horizon I dreamed… I dreamed of one day sailing around the world as Robin had, falling in love and starting a family.

Life took it turns and I was now 30 years old, a single mother (by choice) of 2 beautiful mixed daughters. We were living in a beach town in the north Pacific of Costa Rica with my own multi-media production company. Therefore, this dream I had once had, now I had scratched it off of my list of possible things to accomplish in my lifetime.

But one day the ocean blew a barefooted sailor who had wandered down from California into my remote beach town…

If you dream it, it will happen: a family of four standing on the beach and smiling

We fell in love but not only that, he wanted to adopt and raise my daughters as his own. A match made in paradise.

A decade later, thousands of nautical miles covered, many countries visited and friendships made along the way, 2 more children born on board. We are a big happy family of sailors who continue to dream and make all of those dreams happen…”

The Coconuts Sail Team is building a state-of-the-art racing boat to participate in races throughout Europe, UK, the Caribbean and the USA, and to spread their voice for equality, freedom, peace, the truth, and environmental conservation. Check out their project – Racing for Freedom.

If you dream it, it will happen: a smiling family of six standing and smiling near the sea

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