How is it to work at Harba?

“Next to my studies at CBS I work as Social Media Strategist at Harba. The job in the startup is very independent, flexible and I have a lot of responsibilities – these are some of the things I really like about working here. Together as a team, we set up new campaigns and we are not afraid of changes. We learn with the growth and compared to a big firm, I have a broad insight in every aspect of the company. There is a lot of advantages in being a part of a startup and I couldn’t be happier about working at Harba,” says Tuni Nguyen, Social Media Strategist at Harba.

“As a part of my education I am an intern at Harba. When you are working at a startup, you get a lot of different tasks and has more say in them. Therefore, I think I learn more and get more experience working at Harba rather than being an intern at a big company where you need to do things in a certain way,” says Charlotte Carlsen, Marketing Assistant at Harba