Payment after arrival     

Sailors also have the option to pay after they have docked. They just choose the spot number they are docked in, period they want to stay, select add-ons and pay. Then the harbour personnel receive an email or sms with the relevant information.


We find all the information available online and fill out most of the information about your harbour. You just have to confirm it and add the last few things. And with less than 30 mins of work you can receive payments over the phone and can get free advertisement through the app and on social media.



Like completely free, we don’t expect you to put in any work in after you are in the app. The app is also free to download for sailors. They do however pay a small fee if they decide to pay through the app.



Sailing is all about freedom. And with Harba the sailor is not tied down by looking for someone or somewhere to pay, he can just do it from his phone. 



We try to make some of the less fun activities in a harbour, like paying, easier. So both the harbourmaster and the sailor can focus on what is fun about being in a harbour 🙂