Reservation requests

Reservation and payment with 3 simple steps:
– Sailor sends a request
– Harbourmaster approves or declines
– Money is transferred and the sailor can dock.

Payment after arrival

Allows sailors to easily pay with their phone after they have docked. The harbourmaster gets notified about the new visiting boat, how long it’s staying and where it has docked.

Reporting of longer trips

Allows sailors to report trips to their home harbour with only a few steps. The harbourmaster can then have them receive a short automated message e.g. “Please, remember to turn your sign to green”.

Free to join and use for the boaters.

Only requirement is an email account and a bank account.

Easy reservations: No need for extra rounds or moving boats around, you just assign the guest a spot.

Easy to use for harbour personnel and sailors.

Easy payment: Automatic calculation of price from both boattype, add-ons and the harbour's prices.

Free marketing and PR for the harbour. Get on the map on an international app.

Harbourmasters feedback

Come on board

We hope you like our solution regarding reporting trips, booking and payment. But we are always open for suggestions and would love to get your feedback. We are looking forward to working together!


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