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Harba product updates: September 2020

Check out the latest Harba product updates for September 2020 – a long-awaited filter for sorting out your subscriptions, new departure time logic for HarbaKiosk users and an easier way to manage your payout emails.


New features:

  • You can now filter your subscriptions with a brand new filter – “Subscription addons”. This is a long-awaited feature allowing you to have a better overview of your different subscription addons. For example, you can now filter out your preferred addons (e.g. winter storage) and send invoices to only this particular group of customers who have bought winter storage at your marina.

HarbaMaster screenshot showing noew subscription addon filter

Go to your subscriptions to find this new feature.


New features:

  • New logic for “Departure time” section. Once you set up the departure time, it will affect what boaters see on the HarbaKiosk. “Yesterday” will be pre-selected and visible on the HarbaKiosk for boaters making a payment before your chosen departure time, otherwise – “Today” is pre-selected. For example, if you select the departure time at your marina as 10 AM, all boaters coming before this time will be asked to pay for the previous day, while all boaters coming after 10 AM will be able to pay for this day.

HarbaMaster screenshot showing departure time logic change HarbaKiosk screenshot showing arrival date

Go to your “Harbour Edit” settings, select “Location and financial” section to make adjustments for your preferred departure time.


New features:

  • You can now set custom payout email in the harbour edit section. This means that once you add the email which should receive payouts, you will no longer have to forward payout emails to your accounting person. It will be done automatically. This will save you some time and assure that the right person receives the right information on time.

HarbaMaster screenshot showing new payout email field

Go to your “Harbour Edit” settings, select “Location and financial” section to find this new feature and add your preferred email for payouts.

Feel free to get back to us to report a bug or suggest a new feature for our marina management products. Your ideas and suggestions are very much appreciated!


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