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Harba product updates: October 2020

Check out your latest Harba product updates for October 2020 – the new HarbaMap for a better overview of your marina subscribers, more control over your marina’s terms of service, a new search function, and a few more exciting features for this month.


1. Search functionality added

We have added search functionality to the guest dashboard so you can easily search for your marina guests by their name or by their boat name.

HarbaMaster dashboard screenshot showing search function in guest module

Location: Guests → Dashboard

2. Updated “History” dashboard

The “History” dashboard was updated to bring more clarity and order into it. We re-arranged some of the filters and added a few new ones (e.g. filtering by booking method). The existing tables were also re-arranged, edited, or deleted. There is a new table for the guest auto camper summary.

HarbaMaster dashboard screenshot showing updated history section

Location: Guests → History


1. HarbaMap for your subscriptions

This map will display your permanent berth holders and their current status (e.g. available, occupied, missing payment, etc.). If you click on an available berth (green), it will allow you to create a new berth subscription. Clicking on an occupied berth (red) will provide you with information about that specific subscription.

HarbaMaster dashboard screenshot showing HarbaMap

Location: Subscriptions → HarbaMap


1. New predefined message template created

We have created a new “Complete registration” message template. It can be used when adding users to the HarbaMaster system for the first time. The template informs a user that he was added to the system as well as that he can update his information and connect to the system by clicking on the provided button in the email.

HarbaMaster dashboard screenshot showing new messaging module template in Danish language

Location: Messaging → Send Message


1. Marina’s Terms of service

You can now add your marina’s terms of service in your marina’s editing section. Once your marina’s customer logs into his user area, he will be prompted to either accept or decline your marina’s terms of service. It is also possible for you to manually mark whether the customer accepted the terms or not.

HarbaMaster dashboard screenshot showing place to enter marina's terms of service

Location: Edit Harbor → Terms of service (to check the list of customers go to HarbaMaster → Users section)

2. Customers section

As you have already been notified at the end of the previous month, you can now see all of your marina customers on one dashboard. It enables you to review and edit the customer and its boat information as well as see who accepted your marina’s terms of service and who did not.

HarbaMaster dashboard screenshot showing user list

Location: HarbaMaster → Users

Feel free to get back to us to report a bug or suggest a new feature for our marina management products. Your ideas and suggestions are very much appreciated!


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