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Harba product updates: August 2020

Check out the latest Harba product updates for August 2020 – a new berth type, smoother messaging experience as well as more control and flexibility over your marina operations.


New features:

  • A new berth type – mooring ball – has been added so you could create and manage these berths separately from your regular berthing options.

Screenshot to demonstrate new mooring ball feature in English language

Go to your marina’s editing section and choose “Pontoons and berths” to find this new feature. You can add pricing for pontoon balls under “Prices and Facilities” section.


New features:

  • You can now have more flexibility and control over your marina guests’ credits. We have added a new functionality allowing you to manually adjust the number of credits a particular boater has at your marina. Once you make any adjustments (increase or decrease credits), these changes will be reflected in the “Credit Logs” sub-section.

Screenshot to demonstrate editing credits feature in English language

Go to the “Cardholders” section, choose “Guests” in the filter menu and click on an eye icon next to the preferred person to find this new feature.


New features:

  • When marking multiple invoices as paid, you can now add additional information and choose the type of the payment (e.g. card, cash, bank transfer, etc.) which was used when making a payment.

Screenshot to demontrate payment type feature in Danish language

Go to “Invoice list”, add a checkmark next to your preferred invoices and click on the “Mark as paid” button to find this new feature.


New features:

  • If you are using the Subscription Module, you can now send messages to your subscribers directly from a user’s window.

Screenshot to demonstrate direct messaging feature in English language

Go to your subscribers and click on any of them to find this new feature.

  • With the new berth type – pontoon ball – comes a new functionality to the user groups in the Messaging Module as well. You can now create new user groups for pontoon ball users and write custom messages dedicated only to them!

Screenshot to demonstrate pontoon user groups feature in English language

Go to “User groups” to find this new feature.

Feel free to get back to us to report a bug or suggest a new feature for our marina management products. Your ideas and suggestions are very much appreciated!


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