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How about a get away to Rügen?

The first snow fell last week in Copenhagen and our office is both happy about the first sign of winter but on the other side we want to sail away to a beautiful beach. The grey danish weather inspired us day dream. That is why we will introduce you to the biggest island of Germany today with wonderful beaches, walking and hiking paths. Let’s dream away together for a few minutes and go to Rügen :)

Rügen is one of Germany’s most charming places to have a short and relaxing vacation with a lot of nature. Right next to Rügen lays the island Mon, which was once part of a large chalk plateau that was shoved to the surface of Earth because of the tectonic movements. However, most of these landmasses has eroded and only the islands Rügen and Mon remain. We want to introduce you to the 4 sightseeing spots you have to visit:

Jasmund National Park

The nature reserve in the northeast of Rügen island is one of the places you have to visit during your stay. It is famous for the largest chalk cliffs of Germany, and the highest spot is named the “Königsstuhl” (which means: king’s chair). These cliffs are up to 160 m above the Baltic Sea and gloriously white and impressive. This landscape was formed during the ice age, and if you stand next to them, you will be left speechless. Next to the white chalk cliffs, the beautiful beach forests behind the cliffs are also part of the national park. The admission fee for the park is € 8.50.

Ralswiek Castle

The Ralswiek Castle was built during Neo-Renaissance era, in 1893 and it is stunning both from outside and inside. The original decor has largely been preserved and you can spend some time getting inspired and carried away. The castle re-opened in the spring of 2002 as a fully operational hotel and restaurant. Furthermore, the broad variety of flora makes the castle grounds one of the island’s most beautiful sights.

Dive in, visit the castle and feel like a duke!


Rugard Tower

You can take a beautiful walk to the Rugard Tower or Ernst Moritz Arndt Tower, which is 27 meters high, with a glass cupola. The tower was built in honor of Ernst Moritz Arndt, a famous local poet and historian.

A winding staircase with 80 stairs will take you up to the three panorama platforms and the glass cupola, where you enjoy a magnificent view. You will see the vast stretches of the island, little towns and of course, the wide blue sea.


And last but not least: Sassnitz. It is a small town on the Jasmund peninsula on Rügen Island. It is a well-known resort town and from there you can reach the nearby Jasmund National Park with its unique chalk cliffs. You can go for a beautiful hike here.The 9 km hike along the chalk cliffs of Rügen should be on your to do list when visiting – and you can even hike back along the beach and see the same magnificent coast from the bottom as well.
Starting in Sassnitz, just next to the animal park, you will first walk a good kilometers through the beautiful beach forest before reaching the cliffs of Sassnitz. Besides the wonderful natural sight, you can visit also Rügen’s only zoo, the Sassnitz Wildlife Park.sassnitz_hotels_furstenhof_and_strandhotel

We can’t wait to return to Rügen next season. How about you?

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