Access from the sea
Sheltered from all directions. From WP1 (58°35.93’ N; 22°43.45’ E) proceed to the WP2 (58°35.64’ N; 22°43.44’ E) and then follow the Triigi leading line 228.6°–48.6° (Q WG – Iso G 2 s, green sector; orange trapeziums with black stripes on white metal post). There is a light beacon (Fl R 3 s) at the tip of the south breakwater. There is regular ferry traffic to the Hiiumaa Island (Sõru). The Triigi port is located in the rural municipality of Leisi. During the summer season you can visit a coffee shop, located next to the service building.

Located on the north of island Saaremaa visiting the marina gives an advantage to make your way to the most beautiful beach on the island. Enjoy a walk in the pine forest before reaching Tuhkana beach. Long coastline of white sand with some great waves. Trip takes you through Leisi centre (5 km from marina), where shops and cafes await you. Check out https://visitsaaremaa.ee/en/


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