In the scenic surroundings at the entrance of Horsens Fjord, you will find Snaptun marina with its cosy marina environment consisting of a small fishing port, ferry berths, and a newer marina.

Snaptun Marina offers guest boaters new and well-maintained toilet- and bathing facilities as well as a newer clubhouse where Cafe Snaptun is located. From the club room, you have a fantastic view of Hjarnøsund and Horsens fjord. The room can be used free of charge by paying guest boaters just like the pavilion on the north side of the marina. In addition to this, the marina also offers free WiFi and power for paying guest boaters during their whole stay.

In the beautiful landscape along the coast you will find an old thatched boathouse, and in the nearby forest – with a view of the fjord and Hjarnø – you can find a battery with old cannons. The area around the Snaptun marina is rich with nature trails in the woods and along the beach offering great adventure opportunities all year round. From the cosy marina environment with the preserved boulder building, there are only a few minutes sailing to Hjarnø by ferry or with your own boat.


0,00 m. – 12,00 m.DKK 150
12,00 m. – 13,00 m.DKK 170
13,00 m. – 14,00 m.DKK 190
14,00 m. – 15,00 m.DKK 210
15,00 m. – 16,00 m.DKK 230
16,00 m. – 17,00 m.DKK 250
17,00 m. – 18,00 m.DKK 270
18,00 m. – 19,00 m.DKK 290
19,00 m. – 20,00 m.DKK 310

Pay for your berth or mooring at Snaptun marina via this page or by downloading the HarbaApp (a free mobile app for boaters).


+45 60 90 73 73 / +45 60 90 73 73

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