Explore Marinas / Estonia

Roomassaare Marina


Access from the sea
Sheltered from all directions. Approach from SE, 321.5°–141.5°. Entry along Roomassaare harbour leading line 351.4°–171.4°. Roomassaare harbour pier light – Fl Y 3 s. Roomassaare yacht harbour – E Iso G 2 s and W Iso R 4 s. When approaching from SW, after reaching Roomassaare safe water buoy you can head directly towards the marina. Entry to the guest harbour via commercial harbour.

An ideal marina to visit Kuressaare, the capital of Saaremaa. The marina is 5 km from the town’s main square. Visit Kuressaare’s bishop’s castle, one of the best-preserved medieval castles in the Baltic States, enjoy Kuressaare’s numerous spas and acclaimed restaurants. Plan your visit https://visitsaaremaa.ee/en/

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