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Pilsētas Jahtklubs


Pilsētas Jahtklubs (City Yacht Club) in Kipsala is one of the largest and most modern yachting clubs in the Baltics. It can accommodate up to 200 yachts simultaneously with a draft up to 3.8 meters.

Located in the heart of Riga – just a 15-minute walk to the city center – the marina is a perfect stop to enjoy Riga’s Old Town historic buildings, cafes, museums and other tourist attractions. For a more tranquil experience you can stay in Ķīpsala and enjoy a nearby sandy beach of the Daugava, play volleyball, have a meal or simply enjoy the sun.

For several years, Pilsētas Jahtklubs is home to a yacht club for children and youth sailing school which develops not only sailing skills, but is also preparing for the next sailing athletes. 


  • 0,00 m. – 0,30 m.  0,75 Eur
  • 0,30 m. – 0,61 m.  1,50 Eur
  • 0,61 m. – 0,91 m.  2,25 Eur
  • 0,91 m. – 1,22 m. 3,00 Eur
  • For each additional 0,30 meters + 0,75 Eur

If a boater is staying for more than one month, the berth would cost 0,20 Eur per 0,30 m (1ft) per day. Motorboats which are shorter than 1,83 m (6ft) – 65Eur / month.

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