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Pilkosios kopos anchoring spot


Pilkosios kopos (Grey Dunes) anchoring spot is a perfect place to dock for a brief stop when visiting the Dead Dunes.

The Dead Dunes is one of the most impressive elements of the landscape of the Curonian Spit, which stretches between Pervalka and Juodkrantė. Their more formal name is the Grey Dunes for their dominant vegetation colour.

Ranging up to 60 meters in height, the Dead Dunes still obscure four villages and two cemeteries that were swallowed by the shifting sands between 1675 and 1854, when the dunes were travelling 0.5 to 15 meters per year.

To preserve the dunes, it was forbidden to walk along it, so, the only opportunity to see it is to watch ths unique geological formation from the water.


You can dock at the Pilkosios kopos anchoring spot free of charge.