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Piirissaare Marina


Access from the lake
In the port there are 2 concrete quays with total length 88m, ramp and pontons with total length 108 m. Port of entry along the canal, length of 1,1 km, width of 40 meters, minimum depth of 2 meters. Width of the canal`s dredged area (2 meters depth) is 15m.

Piirissaare is a small island located in Lake Peipus, which is situated between Estonia and Russia. Piirissaare can be explored easily on foot or by bike. Take a walk around the island and enjoy the beautiful scenery, including forests, meadows, and sandy beaches. Visit the Museum of Piirissaare, go fishing for various species of fish such as pike, perch, and roach. Piirissaare is known for its delicious smoked fish. You can enjoy fresh fish at local cafes and restaurants on the island.

Piirissaare hosts various events throughout the year, including cultural festivals, concerts, and sports events. Get to know the island https://www.visitestonia.com/en/why-estonia/piirissaar-an-island-on-the-border-of-two-lakes


LOA8h daytime24hMonthSeason
30 minFreeFreeFreeFree
0,00 m. – 5,99 m.10 €15 €110 €300 €
6,00 m. – 7,99 m.10 €20 €150 €420 €
8,00 m. – 9,99 m.10 €25 €190 €580 €
10,00 m. – 12,99 m.15 €30 €250 €740 €
13,00 m. – 24,99 m.20 €3 €/m25 €/m75 €/m

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