Nivå Marina is without a doubt one of Øresund’s most beautiful and youngest ports in the north of Copenhagen. The marina is located as a natural ending in the northern part of Nivåbugten and is the only harbour on the coast of Øresund, which is located inland in a former clay pit. The first spit for the current port was taken in November 1985, today the marina can service 425 boats.

At the marina, there are several restaurants, an ice cream kiosk/harbour grill and an area with tables and benches, where several grills have been set up to use free of charge. Nivå marina offers the following facilities: washing machines, dryers, bathrooms and toilets as well as the possibility to borrow a bicycle for free. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the Marina. The nearest shopping opportunities are at Nivå Centeret, which is located approx. 2 km from the port.

Nivå marina is located in a very idyllic area surrounded by beautifully preserved coastal meadows and Lave forest with a unique nature and varied birdlife. Nivå marina is situated between Sletten marina and Rungsted marina and is located only 33 kilometres north of Copenhagen’s city centre. It is possible to take the train from Nivå train station, which is just a few kilometres from the port. Nivå beach, which lies in the extension of the marina, is a wonderful and very child-friendly white sand beach with dunes. During the school holidays, there are always lifeguards on the beach and a bathing jetty for people with disabilities has been installed. When it is windy, there is always a lot of activity going on on the water with surfers and kitesurfers – an incredibly beautiful view to observe.


0,00 m. – 9,00 m.DKK 160
9,01 m. – 11,00 m.DKK 180
11,01 m. – 200,00 m.DKK 220

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+45 2082 8040

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