Nida marina is located at the heart of Nida town on the Curonian Lagoon side of the Curonian Spit. It started as a fishing port at the end of the 19th century, later extended as a steamboat port, and now it’s a beautiful marina with its basin fully dredged up to 3 meters and mooring pontoons installed with 130 spaces. 

The marina has all the basic facilities (e.g. toilet, showers, washing machine, dryer). There is a bicycle rental nearby, grocery store, many restaurants and bars with delicious local food as well as guesthouses.

Nida is a small quaint fishing village as well as a unique place to visit due to its absolutely stunning desert-like sand dunes (Parnidis Dune is the most famous one). The town is recognized from its traditional wooden houses, the facades decorated with colourful ethnographic motives, wonderful beach, lagoon and flying Curonian pennants. The spectacular natural sights to be found in and around Nida are definitely worth visiting. Here is the TOP 10 to do list in Nida in case you need some inspiration.


0,00 m. – 8,00 m.       EUR 9
8,01 m. – 10,00 m.     EUR 12
10,01 m. – 12,00 m.   EUR 14
12,01 m. – 14,00 m.   EUR 16
14,01 m. – 16,00 m.   EUR 20
16,01 m. – 18,00 m.   EUR 25
18,00 m. and more     EUR 30

Pay for your berth or mooring via this page, HarbaApp (a free mobile app for boaters) or by using the HarbaKiosk self-service payment terminal at the marina.


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