Naissaare marina is located on the legendary island of Naissaar north-west of Tallinn. Once a Soviet military base, today the island is a nature reserve mainly covered by forest with a handful of inhabitants.

Take a stroll through the hiking trail to discover the remnants of the Soviet military fortresses – many land mines that flew into the forest during the world wars are still out there – or enjoy your time on Naissaar’s beautiful untouched sandy beaches.


  • 0,00 m. – 8,00 m.       10,00 EUR
  • 8,00 m. – 10,00 m.     20,00 EUR
  • 10,00 m. – 13,00 m.   25,00 EUR
  • 13,00 m. – 20,00 m.   30,00 EUR

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