Access from the sea
Approach from Munalaid safe water buoy (58°13.02’ N; 24°04.62’ E) and follow 70.4°–250.4° to Munalaid port-hand buoy (58°13.52’ N; 24°07.18’ E). Then follow the Munalaid leading line 330.3°–150.3° astern to the harbour and moor alongside. Be aware that the ferry berth should always be unoccupied. Sheltered from the north and west by a breakwater, from the east by shallow waters.

Munalaid harbour’s main task is ferry traffic service. The ferries go to the Kihnu island and Manija islet. The trip to Kihnu will take around 1 hour and to Manija around 10 minutes. For schedules and booking to Manija check https://haldusteenused.ee/laevaliiklus-munalaid-manilaid/. For schedules and booking to Kihnu check https://veeteed.com/


0,00 m. – 6,00 m.EUR 10
6,01 m. – 8,00 m.EUR 15
8,01 m. – 10,00 m.EUR 20
10,01 m. – 13,00 m.EUR 25
13,01 m. – 20,00 m.EUR 30
20,01 m. – 24,00 m.EUR 50

Pay for your berth or mooring at Munalaiu marina via this page or by downloading the HarbaApp (a free mobile app for boaters).


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