Marina Minde is located in Egernsund on the danish side of Flensborg Fjord. It is named after the old brickwork that used to be there, which was one of 76 brickworks that once operated in the area. After the brickwork stopped in 1965, the owner in 1980 established the marina at the same place where the brickwork was. With a little luck, you still can find small pieces of bricks in the water and at the beach.

This modern and beautifully situated marina welcomes its guests in the middle of an outstanding coastal landscape, only 10 seamiles from Sønderborg and Flensburg and overland only 20 km from the Danish – German border. Marina Minde is a perfect starting point for sailing trips to the South Funen Archipelago, the Great and Little Belt and the Baltic Sea. At Marina Minde is room for 460 boats and all of them can be used all year round. Furthermore, there is a 7m ramp and we also have a crane (in Marina Toft), which can lift up to 30 tons.

Due to a low mole, Marina Minde has a wonderful sight over the fjord. The marina is very family-friendly with a big playground and modern sanitary facilities. There are a lot of possibilities for activities you can do in your freetime, for example, swimming, hiking, diving, windsurfing or fishing. If you like swimming, you can take a jump directly into the deep water from the stairs at a bridge F.

Right beside the marina, there are great beaches with white sand. You can also visit one of the many excursion destinations nearby. Only 15 minutes from Marina Minde, there is a cosy town of Gråsten with its royal summer residence – Gråsten Palace – or the fishing-town of Egernsund, which are popular places for excursions and great possibilities for shopping. Marina Minde restaurant “VÆRFTET” with its international kitchen serves excellent food. It is very popular among the locals and has a fantastic sea view. Here is the TOP 5 things to do in Marina Minde list in case you need some inspiration.


2,00 m. – 5,99 m.EUR 18
6,00 m. – 8,99 m.EUR 21
9,00 m. – 11,99 m.EUR 26
12,00 m. – 13,99 m.EUR 34
14,00 m. – 15,99 m.EUR 47
16,00 m. – 50,99 m.EUR 61


+45 2160 2112

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