Marina Altefähr is a cosy peaceful marina located in a small fishing village of Altefähr on the largest island of south-western Germany – Rügen. It has over 20 berths, and is a perfect stopover near Stralsund town for those craving for tranquility and nature. 

The marina offers an impressive view of the old Hanseatic city of Stralsund, especially at a sunset. You can enjoy the Stralsund silhouette with the three brick churches, the modern Ozeaneum, the old storage buildings at the harbour and the Rügen bridge, completed in 2007.

The waters of Altefähr are ideal for sailing and surfing. Surfing and sailing schools are available in this town. There is also a climbing forest with offers for the entire family.

Marina Altefähr will provide you with all the basic facilities including water and electricity at the jetty, WC, shower, washing machine and a mini kitchen at the tourist information center. You will find a boat rental, special parking spots for fishing and a few restaurants at the harbour. There is also a campsite, a bakery and several shops for the basic needs in the village.


  • 0,00 m. – 1,00 m.     1,50 EUR
  • 1,00 m. – 2,00 m.     3,00 EUR
  • 2,00 m. – 3,00 m.     4,50 EUR
  • 3,00 m. – 4,00 m.     6,00 EUR
  • 4,00 m. – 5,00 m.     7,50 EUR

Each additional meter will cost you 1,50 EUR more.

Book and pay for your berth or mooring at Marina Altefähr via this page or by downloading a free mobile app for boaters – HarbaApp.


+49 017 19635690
+49 038 30675037

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