Access from the sea
The seaward wharf that is used by the local ferry should be unoccupied most of the time. Before entry contact the Munalaid Harbour Office for permission and instructions. Entry recommended only in daylight, good visibility, and fair weather. Sheltered only from southerly winds. Approach from Munalaid safe water buoy (58°13.02’ N; 24°04.62’ E) and follow 70.4°–250.4° to Munalaid port-hand buoy (58°13.52’ N; 24°07.18’ E). Then follow the Munalaid leading line 330.3°–150.3° astern, to the harbour.

Manija island is only 4.5 km in length and 0.5 km in width, which makes it a wonderful and secluded trip worth to take. The island is mainly covered with coastal meadows and juniper and is one of the smallest islets in Europe where there is life. By the way, Manija is one of the favorite places for bird watchers. There is regular ferry traffic to the Munalaiu harbour in the mainland. For schedules and booking check https://haldusteenused.ee/laevaliiklus-munalaid-manilaid/


LOA8h daytime24hMonthSeason
30 minFreeFreeFreeFree
0,00 m. – 5,99 m.10 €15 €110 €300 €
6,00 m. – 7,99 m.10 €20 €150 €420 €
8,00 m. – 9,99 m.10 €25 €190 €580 €
10,00 m. – 12,99 m.15 €30 €250 €740 €
13,00 m. – 24,99 m.20 €3 €/m25 €/m75 €/m

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