Access from the sea

Sheltered from all directions. Steer along Kuivastu leading line 267.7°–87.7° (Q W – Iso W 3 s) until you reach WP1 (58°34.43’ N; 23°24.00’ E). Then proceed to WP2 (58°34.30’ N; 23°23.72’ E) and follow the entry channel marked by spar buoys of the lateral system. There is a Fl G 5 s light beacon at the tip of the breakwater and Q R light beacon at the tip of the ferry quay. Regular ferry traffic to the mainland of Estonia (Virtsu).


Kuivastu is located on a hotspot of ferry traffic from the mainland to islands Saaremaa and Muhu. Sleepy fishing villages, working windmills, thatched cottages, plenty of deer, moose and birds. Rich culture, diverse flora and fauna makes Estonia’s third largest island almost addictive. Make sure to have a nice meal at the village centre in Liiva, only 10 km from the Kuivastu marina. Check out http://www.muhu.info/?keel=eng

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