Hirsholm Marina is located about 7 km northeast of Frederikshavn on a small cosy island of Hirsholm.

The marina is very primitive. There is no clean drinking water, no power and no shopping available on the island. The marina does not accept dangerous waste or latrine waste and it is recommended to take your own waste with you when leaving the island. The marina is not staffed and visitors are requested to be considerate of others and help each other find docking space. It is not allowed to use the ferry dock.

There is a public toilet, picnic tables, a small bird-watching spot, an information building and a lighthouse on the island. The lighthouse is usually open on days when the ferry Seadog visits the island. Nature and wildlife on the Hirsholmene islands are special, and a conservation order from 1938 protects them as natural science sanctuary and as an important breeding and resting place for many birds. Today you can only visit the main island of Hirsholm, and only when following the special rules. For instance, it is not allowed to bring pets including cats and dogs. Please take this into consideration when coming to visit this pristine place.


0,00 m. – 10,00 m.DKK 120
10,00 m. – 15,00 m.DKK 150
15,00 m. <DKK 200

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+ 45 21 61 83 33

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