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Hellerup Lystbådehavn


Hellerup Lystbådehavn is located in the city with the same name, just north of Copenhagen. The marina was established more than a century ago and is the smaller of the two that Gentofte hosts.

The marina can be navigated by boats up to 45 feet in length and approx. 2.2 meters depth. It has about 100 berths in the water and 150 dinghy berths on land. The marina has a restaurant as well as the Rose Garden and the Perennial Garden (in close proximity to the marina), which together with Hellerup beach constitutes Hellerup Beachpark. Only 5 min walk from the marina, there are grocery shops, other shops and dining opportunities.

Copenhagen city centre is less than 10 km away, and there are good public transport options to both the capital and the rest of North Zealand. Hellerup Lystbådehavn is home to a large number of sea sports clubs, and there is often a buzz of activity at the marina.

Prices (by boat width)

0,00 m. – 2,51 m.DKK 175
2,51 m. – 3,51 m.DKK 205
3,51 m. – 4,01 m.DKK 250
4,01 m. – 5,00 m.DKK 355
5,00 m. – 15,00 m.DKK 655

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